Saturday, December 22, 2007

December Gardening notes

Today is the Winter Solstice the shortest day and longest night of the year and the official start of winter. With the shorter periods of light plants die or stop producing new growth. Average daily temperature below 43oF (6oC) will also cause plants to stop growth; so the leaves, stems, and flowers die. However, the roots of trees, shrubs and some plants are storing energy for spring growth. Tomorrow, days will start to lengthen; as nights shorten.

After weeks of the Xmas frenzy I am ready to nest in my home and read the garden books I’ve been stockpiling all year, but haven’t taken the time to read. So while your garden is resting; envision your dream garden for 2008.

A friend’s email greeting enclosed a video, which is especially appropriate for this time of year. A serious message presented in an entertaining format. Please click on !

Warm wishes for a peaceful, happy, and healthy Holiday and New Year!